Dynasties require parties to succeed: NYU professor Kanchan Chandra

Kanchan Chandra, professor of politics at New York University, has just edited the book, Democratic Dynasties: State, Party and Family in Contemporary Indian Politics (Cambridge University Press). Ex Read more: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/interview-with-kanchan-chandra-dynasties-require-parties-to-succeed/article8975101.ece?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=RSS_Syndication


‘Another FINE CNN employee’: Sally Kohn jumps the shark with violent AHCA Paul Ryan meme

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Wasn’t it Sally Kohn who just last week was calling for people to tone down the rhetoric? Guess she only meant people on the right. This. #resist #NoAHCA pic.twitter.com/UKvILpuMe9 — Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) June 27, 2017 Because posting something like this WON’T set off some other lunatic and inspire him to open fire on a […]


‘You failed at life’: Erickson’s comments on minimum wage rile lefties

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http://twitter.com/#!/Vegas_Martin/status/507695594492940288 Fast food workers around the country went on strike today and blocked traffic in acts of civil disobedience. http://twitter.com/#!/EWErickson/status/507694078449168384 http://twitter.com/#!/markedoten/status/507695229286481922 http://twitter.com/#!/Pradajames/status/507712747581087744 http://twitter.com/#!/CuomoElia/status/507682633879674880 http://twitter.com/#!/EwwMoist/status/507687009310105600 Seriously. Victim? If anything these people are victims of a progressive ideology that separates merit from reward. http://twitter.com/#!/chuckeatonga/status/507710119686045697 Yeah and make it illegal not to hire people who need a job. […]


Frankie Boyle educates (and insults) President after Obama’s Tribute to the Queen

http://twitter.com/#!/DanielHolland31/status/210687026318675970 When President Barack Obama gave an emotional tribute to the Queen for the Diamond Jubilee, he made sure to mention just how special it was that while prime ministers and presidents were constantly changing, the Queen’s reign “had endured.” Well, if you think about it, there’s a pretty simple explanation for that one, and it’s […]


Keep Kids Learning During Spring Break With These Awesome DIY Science Experiments

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Spring break is almost here for students, but as a parent, you can teach your kid that learning doesn’t have to stop for the Easter bunny. The cool thing about science experiments is that they can be super fun for kids….and adults! Here are some simple but awesome ways to teach kids how the world […]


‘Gonna be sick’: Sight of nuns at White House instead of Supreme Court proves triggering

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Though President Trump’s gathering of House Republicans in the Rose Garden to celebrate the House’spassage of the AHCA dominated the news Thursday, the president also hosted guests to witness his signing ofhisExecutive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty. Pres signs National Day of Prayer Proclamation and Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious […]


‘I will smack u down!’ HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell slams Joe Namath for wearing fur

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http://twitter.com/#!/chenoite/status/430457358620188672 As Twitchy reported, football legend Joe Namath and his “fabulous fur coat” attracted quite a bit of attention during last night’s Super Bowl coverage. PETA got predictably pissed, well, because that’s what PETA does. HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell is pretty adept at flipping out, too, and this afternoon, she took her turn going after […]