How Well Do You Know “The Lion King”?

What African country inspired the landscapes for the movie? Disney Tanzania Uganda Kenya Zimbabwe ✓ X Tanzania The makers off the film spent time in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, and drew their inspiration from what they saw there. Thinkstock What language is the “Circle of Life” sung in besides English? Disney Zulu Afrikaans Kiswahili […]


Here Are Halloween Safety Tips Every Parent Needs To Know.

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Halloween may not be for a couple of weeks, but it’s never too early to plan your trick-or-treating route. While it may seem like simple fun, Halloween is when your entire neighborhood will be outside at night. People walk around in black in the dark. Kids talk to total strangers. You eat candy you find […]


War of words in Texas: Senate candidate David Dewhurst slimes opponent Ted Cruz in radio ad, Cruz campaign fights back

The Dewhurst campaign is all hat and no cattle. RT to support Ted Cruz. #txsen — Jim DeMint (@JimDeMint) May 25, 2012 Yesterday, Dewhurst’s campaign released a shameless radio ad attacking Ted Cruz as a pro-amnesty squish: Except, well, here’s the thing: it’s all complete B.S.: Cruz, who has been endorsed by the […]


Is Washington DC’s Attorney General tweeting about the David Gregory case?

I'm sorry you feel this way, but prosecutorial discretion is a necesssary part of the legal system. @NolteNC @davidgregory — Irvin B Nathan (@IrvinBNathan) January 13, 2013 Irvin B. Nathan, the Attorney General of Washington DC, recently announced that David Gregory will not face prosecution for waving a banned high-capacity magazine during a broadcast of “Meet […]


Walker wins; Twitter explodes

TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, THE PARTY'S OVER! RT @jamiedupree: NBC News has declared Scott Walker the winner in Wisconsin — Noel Sheppard (@NoelSheppard) June 6, 2012 As we covered live earlier tonight the Wisconsin recall election was called early and Governor Scott Walker won. This affirmation of fiscal conservatism and rebuke of unions set off […]


In Conservative Media, A “Race War” Rages

View this image › Amy Sly for BuzzFeed It was near midnight on April 14 when the Chevy Cavalier carrying Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami rolled to a stop at a red light in Norfolk, Va. As the pair waited, one of a crowd of teenagers on the sidewalk threw a rock at the passenger […]


As Soon As You See These 27 Pictures, Your Day Will Be Made. Guaranteed.

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We all have a bad day every once in a while. Maybe it’s raining where you are and your boss is breathing down your neck. You have a deadline you need to meet and you stress out about it. Coffee isn’t doing its thing when you need your pick-me-up. You need something else to make your […]


Pamper Your Pup With Presents Even You’d Want To Use. I’m A Little Jealous.

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Dogs can enjoy the finer things in life, too. And why shouldn’t they? Sure, all they do is eat, sleep, and play, but they also bring unquantifiable amounts of love and joy to every dog owner’s life. They deserve more than the occasional belly rub. This year, don’t forget your doggie while making your list and […]