Hysterical lefties claim Susan Rice is a casualty of sexism, racism

As Twitchy reported, Susan Rice has apparently withdrawn her name from consideration for Secretary of State. Despite the litany of legitimate reasons Republicans and conservatives had to oppose her nomination, lefty pearl-clutchers are seizing on sexism and racism as the cause for her withdrawal:

Disappointed Amb. Rice, such a well qualified woman of color, would be denied a fair shot @ Sec State based on unfounded political attacks.

— Rep. Barbara Lee (@RepBarbaraLee) December 13, 2012

The boys network is alive and well. The war on qualified women continues here in Washington, DC. I am not going to stand down.

— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) December 13, 2012

Looks like the intersection of racism and sexism to me. #Rice.

— Mdotwrites (@nmmlabs) December 13, 2012

There is a major theme in the attacks against Rice, the President, and holder.#Racism

— Medusa’s Dharma (@MedusasDharma) December 13, 2012

Lets pretend Ambassador Rice isn’t facing racism and sexism. Partisanship issues alone. I’m so sick.

— Thee Honorable (@NEthing4Salenas) December 13, 2012

Dr #Rice Will Keep her Present Position But will not accept nomination/Secretary of State because of Harassment (Sexism & Racism). #Bullying

— A Aryeh Perez (@Jethro_Aryeh) December 13, 2012

@jonathanalter Every word coming out of ur mouth is irritating the hell out of me!This was a racist, sexist bunch of B.S. w/#Rice.

— Lachelle (@ArmChairPundt) December 13, 2012

Rice finally popped thnks to trumped-up racist @gop witch hunt. Too bad same old nasty #politics had to deprive USA of passionate SecState.

— David Paul Appell (@DPAppell) December 13, 2012

I feel bad for America that 2 racist white congressmen can vilify an accomplished public servant, Susan Rice, & stampede the public process

— Joey Hunziker (@joeyhunziker) December 13, 2012

@randiradio Susan Rice has withdrawn her name for Sec. of State consideration. Chalk up another victory for racism.

— Serpentor (@Cobra_Emperor) December 13, 2012

@bashirlive @msnbc McCain, Graham & Aoytte continue to display their UnAmericanism & racism in pushing Susan Rice to withdraw her name. Sad!

— William Desmond (@allprocars) December 13, 2012

No! Don’t let racism win, Susan! RT: @breakingnews: Ambassador Susan Rice withdrawing her name from consideration for US Secretary of State

— Steph JP (@RubyWorthy) December 13, 2012

The GOP want us to believe that they don’t have a war on women, deal in racism. Susan Rice,black, articulate, smart woman.What do you think?

— spotlightonbusiness (@spotlightonbus) December 13, 2012

We think we’re fed up with identity politics.

Crushed that Rice & Obama Admin bowing to sexism & racism-tinged baseless attacks on Rice

— Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) December 13, 2012

Bunch of (mostly white) intel officials produce talking points 4 (mostly white) members of Cong, which Susan Rice repeats & gets attacked?

— Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) December 13, 2012

Racism and sexism won today w/ Amb Susan Rice’s withdrawal…

— Michael Shank (@Michael_Shank) December 13, 2012

Yes, they did. Aaargh. RT @michael_shankRacism and sexism won today w/ Amb Susan Rice’s withdrawal…

— Hugo Schwyzer (@hugoschwyzer) December 13, 2012

This Susan Rice issue reminds me that racism is still a rough and riggedreality in this land of America

— MaestroHolyWater(@TheHH2O) December 13, 2012

Ppl do what they have to out of a love of country and right to withdraw from public racist attacks.So sorry Susan Rice.I rage &I understand.

— jlm (@jessielanemetz) December 13, 2012

indeed. RT @nmmlabs: Looks like the intersection of racism and sexism to me. #Rice.

— j.s. (@heLLobrOOklyn) December 13, 2012

Or misogyny. Or fucking both. RT @buzzfeedandrew Michael Eric Dyson saying on MSNBC that opposition to Susan Rice was because of racism.

— HorseKnuckle (@horseknuckle) December 13, 2012

@hardball_chris All GOP has done with Rice is encouraged me to keep registering voters! I am sick of suppression & racism! SICK!

— What’s Going On? (@TylerKathy) December 13, 2012

@michaeledyson you are so in point about RICE. No one wants to talk about racism…& it’s obvious this qualifiedwoman was railroaded.

— jessica Care moore (@jessicaCaremoor) December 13, 2012

@donnabrazile stepping up for Susan Rice, never seen her so angry. And I agree that there is sexism involved, AND racism in her tarnishing

— fyeah im asian 王凱華 (@cw_dubbb) December 13, 2012

@donnabrazile Preach Sistah!Rice was sacrificed for Prez’s re-election!RACISM, White Supremacy, Alive and Well! White women stand up!

— prentice thompson (@iceprent) December 13, 2012

@senjohnmccain your racist shit always comes out u wonder why blacks hate your ass now u know why esp aft amb rice bs

— lovelyladypa (@lovelyladypa) December 13, 2012

You piece of SHIT your not qualified to take out Amb.Rice trash she’s smarter than you Racist Pig. I curse you, family & your Party Your Sad

— Thomas Pierce (@keshenawarrior) December 13, 2012

Unbelievable. Is it so beyond liberal comprehension that Rice buckled because of her enormous baggage and shameful conduct with regard to Benghazi, or that she is falling on her sword for The One? If these race-mongerers would stop foaming at the mouth long enough to take off their gender and race goggles and have a look at reality, they might realize just how asinine their outrage truly is.

Perhaps ask about Condi & Colin P RT @buzzfeedandrew: Michael Eric Dyson saying on MSNBC that opposition to Susan Rice was because of racism

— Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) December 13, 2012

I’m sure Susan Rice’s withdrawal was due to racism because the GOP would never confirm a black woman Secretary of State named Rice.

— Rick Moore (@RickMoore) December 13, 2012

ICYMI: Remember when Republicans accused the 13 Dems who opposed Condi Rice of racism? Yeah, me neither.

— Razor (@hale_razor) December 13, 2012

@jmazzy4004 @nbcnewsWhere was the outrage when this guy voted against Condi Rice? twitter.com/Mayortommm/sta…

— Tom Thurman (@Mayortommm) December 13, 2012

Im not joining the chorus of folks calling the crash & burn of the Rice nomination racism/sexism. Political games to the max? Absolutely.

— Anthony Lorenzo (@AntLorenzo) December 13, 2012

Witch hunt, my eye! #Rice knew she was grossly incompetent, so she bowed out. Please, liberals, call us racist! #tcot

— Laura Hall (@manishka78) December 13, 2012

I dont think so!RT @buzzfeedandrewMichael Eric Dyson saying on MSNBC that opposition to Susan Rice was because of racism.

— RDR (@pink_tastic) December 13, 2012

@flyovervoter @sallykohn SEXISM & RACISM attacks on Rice? How about the fact that she’s a lying piece of garbage? Remember #Benghazi? Idiot

— Terri Dyer (@jdsgirl63) December 13, 2012

Liberals: Blacks can be scrutinized because of their RECORD, not skin color. I know it’s hard for you to grasp, but you’ll get it eventually

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) December 13, 2012

That is genuine colorblindness. Accountability is empowering. And until the Left figures that out, we’d better get used to identity politics.



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