‘Got obsession?’ Harry Reid’s 134 Koch brother mentions amaze [video]

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@SenSanders @SenatorReid <<< Harry Reid's bromance with the Koch Bros. Exactly 134 mentions of Koch Bros from SENATE FLOOR! Obsessive fool! — TX Conservatarian (@MTWTwoPoint0) April 11, 2014 We’re well aware of Sen. Harry Reid’s massive preoccupation with the Koch brothers, and the Washington Free Beacon has the continuing story of Harry Reid’s Koch brothers […]


MEP Daniel Hannan wants British ISIS fighters stripped of citizenship

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I'm shocked by how many people respond to a Tweet about Britons fighting for ISIS with "Yeah, but what about Israel…?" — Daniel Hannan (@DanHannanMEP) August 20, 2014 Member of European Parliament from the U.K. Daniel Hannan floated an idea for how to deal with British citizens who leave to fight for the Islamic State. […]


Liberals unleash hater-ade on ‘stupid rednecks’ who voted for Mark Sanford

Fuck me running backwards in my grandmother's dress! I can't believe #Sanford won! Stupid rednecks! — RC deWinter (@RCdeWinter) May 8, 2013 Mark Sanford appears to be cruising to an easy victory over Elizabeth Colbert Busch in South Carolina District 1’s special congressional election.  Though the district is a Republican stronghold, Democrats considered the race […]


Pedagogy this! Ace of Spades slams middle school’s same-sex kiss workshop

If gay rights are to mean kids must be indoctrinated into Being Gay–groomed, as it were- then I'm going to be anti Gay Rights. — TheUltraYachtLife (@AceofSpadesHQ) April 25, 2013 What sparked the following epic and righteous rant? More disturbing news from our public schools. https://twitter.com/AceofSpadesHQ/status/327514293526470656 Weasel Zippers reported on the story, including this snippet […]


Jindal blasts Obama: Stop trying to scare, start ‘to show leadership’

Jindal: "It's time for the president to show leadership" — Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) February 25, 2013 President Obama spoke with the National Governors Association today, in a bid to get them on board regarding sequestration. Obama to governors: Help me get Congress to act on sequester – buff.ly/XwZcC0 #politics #whitehouse — manuel c (@manuel_c) February […]


These 17 Ads From The Past Will Probably Disgust You. Unless You Really Hate Women.

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There was a time in the history of the United States where groups of people weren’t treated as equals. We have witnessed various atrocities committed in the US, most of which will never be equaled. However, some people might not realize the slow, insulting battle that women have been fighting over the decades against their […]


EMILY’s List hysteria: The GOP is ‘coming for our women’

Dear Republican men, which liberal women will you be going after? Per EMILY's List, they'll be playing hard to get. — Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) July 2, 2012 Shorter EMILY’s List: Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wimmenz. Apparently, the knuckle-dragging GOP is a-comin’, ready to knock womenfolk over the heads and drag them off caveman-style. Or […]


This Family Of Elephants Were Saved From Captivity, Now They Are The Happiest Creatures On Earth.

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Nothing beats a rainy day for these elephants living in a nature park in Thailand. At one point in their lives, these elephants were kept in captivity. They were living as mere shadows of what they could be. But now, they’re loving life. In fact, unlike most of us who take the little things in […]