Matt Yglesias: Ownership is a myth, property belongs to The State

A 1998 audio clip of President Obama singing the praises of wealth redistribution is making the rounds today.

For conservatives, Obama’s attitude doesn’t come as much of a shock, but it’s certainly worth spotlighting. For liberals, the concept of wealth redistribution is one that should be embraced. That’s certainly the case for Slate “real reporter” Matt Yglesias, who argues that ownership is just a myth.

In Matt’s universe, your business? Your life? You didn’t build that. Your property? You didn’t own that. Ever. Matt’s credibility as a “real journalist”? He didn’t earn that.

Anti-statist Twitterers were more than happy to dish out the business to Yglesias. Hard:

I can't wait for Obama to make this argument in the debate.

— James Taranto (@jamestaranto) September 18, 2012

This might be the most ridiculously ignorant tweet on Twitter. The fail is strong. –>

— Justin Thompson (@jltho) September 19, 2012

@mattyglesias In other words you're a communist. @iowahawkblog

— David Paul (@PowerElement) September 19, 2012

@mattyglesias wow good thing you’re not in charge of ANYTHING. Sheesh.

— Shaun McDonnell (@McShauno) September 19, 2012

.@mattyglesias So nobody respected anyone's claim to exclusively use and dispose of things before states started enforcing it?

— Bryan Pick (@BryanPick) September 19, 2012

The concept of property predates government. It's the product of one's work. @mattyglesias

— ن Miké Ramoné ن (@ThePantau) September 19, 2012

Maybe if @mattyglesias didn't have to steal his book titles he'd have a more philosophically robust view of ownership….

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) September 19, 2012

I guess us pale faces are off the hook for "stealing" all that non-property from the Indians then.

— Colin Duffy (@TheRightDuff) September 19, 2012

In short, you didn't build that, you don't own that. You owe all to the merciful, life giving state.

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 19, 2012

Special repost for state-worshipping @mattyglesias: In the beginning Govt created the Heavens and the Earth

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 19, 2012

@mattyglesias Your statement falsely implies property only exists because the state exists. Are you really this fucking stupid?

— Brian Cates (@drawandstrike) September 19, 2012

Hey, @mattyglesias – where do you live? I'd like to check over your furniture and see if there's anything I like. #mythofownership

— Katewerk (@katewerk) September 19, 2012

Oh, snap.

Yglesias is free to hand off all his worldly possessions to The State. Elizabeth Warren and Chairman Mao would be ever so pleased. Meanwhile, we’ll hold on to what’s rightfully ours. We rather enjoy our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



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