Jon Voight causes splash at RNC

Yes, we still love our celebrities.

"Guys, guys it's that older actor, Jon Voight. He's here! He was in that movie Anaconda!" – excited delegate @ RNC #tcot

— Max Handelman (@maxhandelman) August 28, 2012

Looks like Jon Voight still has fans in lib media==> #gop2012 #rnc2012

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) August 28, 2012

Jon Voight still has star power. He was surrounded everywhere he went today.

Famous Republican Jon Voight signs a baseball for a small business owner. #rnc2012 #rncsugar

— POPSUGAR Love (@POPSUGARLove) August 28, 2012

He dropped in on — erm — crashed the Google hangout.

That moment when Jon Voight visits the Google Hang-Out (where reporters are taking Google's coffee).

— Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) August 28, 2012

John Voight just crashed our @Google hangout! #GOP2012

— 2012 GOP Convention (@GOPconvention) August 28, 2012

He came out swinging against Obama:

Jon Voight: 'Obama controls MEDIA just like Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.'

— Hardline Stance (@Hardline_Stance) August 28, 2012

Jon Voight: Obama administration has ‘endangered Israel’

— Dana Jones (@DanaJones16) August 28, 2012

Midnight Cowboy score Jon Voight hosts an eons long scrum in which he calls Obama a commie, etc.

— Sarah Boesveld (@sarahboesveld) August 28, 2012

John Voight on `Marxist' Obama: Romney Will `Right the Ship' – at Political Capital @BloombergNews #2012

— Mark Silva (@NewsmanSilva) August 28, 2012

Jon Voight says we live in a Communist country. #rnc #markpeterson #VOIGHT

— GQ Politics (@GQPolitics) August 28, 2012

He skipped the important questions, though:

All these folks at the Jon Voight GOP presser: Ask him to explain the plot of "Mission Impossible."

— Alex Parker (@AlexParkerDC) August 28, 2012

And no, he has no details on the wedding of daughter Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt.

Press asking impt Qs 🙂 RT @DaviSusan: "I don't have any news about the wedding." -Jon Voight to reporters on daughter Angelina Jolie.

— Emily Pierce (@emilykpierce) August 28, 2012

He did make a comment that left people scratching their heads.

"Are you Jewish, Karen?" Jon Voight asks reporter named Karen Rubin. "I like the Jewish people."

— Matt Viser (@mviser) August 28, 2012


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