‘White supremacist’ narrative collapses in Texas DA murder case

White supremacist gangs? Murdering people in Texas? With guns?!! That sounds like a story right up the MSM’s alley. And indeed it was:

Thank goodness for Twitter, where at least a few folks believe an investigation should precede a declaration of guilt.

@msnbc or maybe Mexican drug cartels! Or maybe even Martians! How about going and getting facts…like a news service.

— Dustan Hogue (@hogue_dustan) April 2, 2013

Why wait for an objective investigation when you’ve got the hate-spewing Southern Poverty Law Center on the case?

[VIDEO] Mark Potok provides insight into Aryan Brotherhood of Texas-probed in killing of Texas district attorney/wife sp.lc/XmWgKA

— Hatewatch (@Hatewatch) April 2, 2013

Too bad the sordid truth had to come out and ruin all that lovely speculation.

News flash: Texas district attorneys NOT murdered by Aryan Brotherhood. moelane.com/2013/04/14/msn… – via @moelane

— Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) April 14, 2013

What? It wasn’t scary white supremacists highlighted in an eight-minute MSNBC segment? tinyurl.com/bw7unzm #p2 #tcot#McLelland

— Hypno Jive (@hypnonon) April 15, 2013

Unless there’s something inherently racist about a guy shooting 3 people over some stolen monitors. With the SPLC, you never know.

— Moe Lane (@moelane) April 14, 2013

No worries, though. The story is now “local crime,” which as we all know, can be properly ignored.


The Other McCain, “How the Left’s Online Meme Machine Helped Create a Murder Myth in Texas

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