Lil Wayne reportedly given last rites; Mack Maine tweets, ‘Don’t believe the nonsense’!/NathanWurtzel/status/312723052200873984

If you’re not familiar with rapper Lil Wayne, you might be confused by a number of tonight’s trending topics on Twitter, including #PrayForWeezy, Weezy and Damn Wayne. TMZ is reporting that the 30-year-old rapper was being given last rites tonight after being hospitalized Tuesday night at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital following multiple seizures. Label-mate Mack Maine says not so fast, though.

Wayne is alive and well! We watching the Syracuse game…thanks for the prayers and concern..he will update you all soon. #love

— Mack Maine (@mackmaine) March 16, 2013

We will be releasing an official statement shortly but dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe…that’s false!!

— Mack Maine (@mackmaine) March 16, 2013

@lachlan really confused now.

— Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) March 16, 2013

@sistertoldjah @lachlan Shroedinger’s Wayne

— jdonels (@jdonels) March 16, 2013

@mackmaine photo or it didn’t happen.

— Justin Shattuck (@sh4t) March 16, 2013

The news has apparently reached CPAC.

You know who is a hysterical dinner table buddy? @allenwest , that’s who. #CPAC13

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) March 16, 2013

Our entire table is now talking about Lil’ Wayne.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) March 16, 2013


A second source from the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires seems to indicate that reports of Lil Wayne’s impending passing are premature.

My son is in good spirit..feelin much betta…be home soon.YMCMB

— BIRDMAN (@BIRDMAN5STAR) March 16, 2013

@tmz it’s certain shit you should not talk about or play with if u don’t kno what u talking bout….don’t deceive the fans or the people

— Mack Maine (@mackmaine) March 16, 2013

@tmz and definitely don’t try to kill a man before his time….so from the bottom of my soul and on behalf of my fam……FUCK YOU

— Mack Maine (@mackmaine) March 16, 2013


Wow. Lil Wayne’s first tweet following this social media firestorm has been retweeted more than 60,000 times in less than 15 minutes.

I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.

— Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) March 16, 2013

BREAKING>OFFICIAL statement from Young Money publicist: “We can confirm Lil Wayne did have a seizure and that he is recovering.” #Weezy

— RICHELLE CAREY (@RichelleCarey) March 16, 2013

Last rites? Who said anything about last rites?

Recap: TMZ says someone’s dead. Gets fact checked by man named Birdman. Deletes it w/o explanation. Now expects us all to just move along.

— Michelle Fields (@MichelleFields) March 16, 2013

TMZ scrubbed the last rites thing from the story. No acknowledgment that it was ever there.…

— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) March 16, 2013

Buzzfeed is mad TMZ pulled a Buzzfeed

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) March 16, 2013

Hey just like Buzzfeed! RT @buzzfeedben: Huh, so TMZ reported, and then deleted all mention of, “last rites” being given to Lil Wayne

— S.M (@redsteeze) March 16, 2013

Rapper T.I. has also expressed some, shall we say, passionate criticism of TMZ’s reporting.

Just holla’d @my Lil bruh Tunechi…& he skraight! TMZ some fuck-niggaz for reporting that hoe-ass-shit!!! That man daughter is like mines.

— T.I. (@Tip) March 16, 2013

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