BOOM: Rasmussen has Romney 50, Obama 48 in Ohio; Pics show Mittmentum!/BiasedGirl/status/262922982316457984

Rather prescient again, Twitter. A Rasmussen poll out today indicates that Romney is ahead in Ohio!

OHIO!!!First poll shows Romney up by 2

— Eric Dondero (@ericdondero) October 29, 2012

#Ohio: #Romney 50%, #Obama 48%…

— Scott Rasmussen (@RasmussenPoll) October 29, 2012

#Romney takes the lead in #Ohio for the first time, with a 12 point lead in voter trust over Obama.… #Nobama #tcot

— theFinancialSkinny (@FinancialSkinny) October 29, 2012

Romney pulls ahead in Ohio in latest polling – increases lead with independent voters. Its going to be close!

— Jon Harrison (@JonHarrison6) October 29, 2012

Momentum!RT @byronyork: New Rasmussen Ohio: Romney 50, Obama 48.

— Betsy Brantner Smith (@sgtbetsysmith) October 29, 2012

OHIO: Romney 50; Obama 48(Romney +2 from last week)…

— Tim Miller (@Timodc) October 29, 2012

Up two from last week. Also prescient? The fired up crowds in Ohio.

America loves Ohio and Mitt Romney! We stand together as a nation forever! We must vote for America! Love this PIC! RT…

— Sherry Samples (@sherrysamples) October 28, 2012

Those crowds are continuing; This was the scene yesterday in Ohio.

Romney event in Marion, Ohio doesn’t start for 3 hours, but already there’s a long line of people waiting in the rain…

— Jonathan Karl (@jonkarl) October 28, 2012

RT @zekejmiller: Crowd waiting for Romney/Ryan…

— Brittany Cohan (@bccohan) October 28, 2012

Wow, just wow.All over Ohio. RT @kevinmaddendc: Romney/Ryan meet Findlay, Ohio… #romneyryan2012

— Kelly Johnston (@johnston_kelly) October 28, 2012

@paulryanvp introduces @mittromney in Marion, Ohio. #RomneyRyan2012…

— Mitt’s Body Man (@dgjackson) October 28, 2012

THIS=> @bluemoon7777#Celina #Ohio “Captain Romney For America”#tcot #gop #Toledo #Findlay #Marion #jobs #economy…

— Kell Oggie(@Kelloggie) October 29, 2012

Second Graders for Romney #RomneyRyan2012…

— Mitt’s Body Man (@dgjackson) October 28, 2012


LEADERSHIP! @charlesdharapak: ROPELINE: Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan greet supporters at campaign rally in Findlay,…

— Prudence (@dennygirltwo) October 29, 2012

RT @revkahjc: THIS CROWD SHOWED UP IN OHIO LAST NIGHT. Try & tell me Ohio doesn’t love Romney now, MSM! #RomneyRyan2012…

— Deb Williams (@DebWilliams57) October 29, 2012

Great crowd at the last stop of the day – Marion, OH! #RomneyRyan2012

— Romney Road Team (@RomneyRoadTeam) October 28, 2012

WOW! INCREDIBLE! “@irishtea1: Romney Rally in Defiance, Ohio. These pictures thrill me! #HopeForAmerica…

— Suzy Homemaker (@SuzyHomemaker77) October 29, 2012

Mittmentum? You betcha! And they are lining up again today. Frigid rain does not put a damper on the enthusiasm, once again.

“@jonnydymond: A good day for ponchos in Ohio as Republicans queue for a #Romney rally in Avon Lake. @bbcnewsus…

— Ian Sherwood (@IanJSherwood) October 29, 2012

Mitt’s body man summed it up last night.

Another packed arena in Ohio. The energy here is contagious. Ohio believes #RomneyRyan2012…

— Mitt’s Body Man (@dgjackson) October 28, 2012

Ohio believes. And we can see November from Ohio. Make it happen!

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