Matt Yglesias revels in his 1% lifestyle with $1.2 million townhouse!/caseykim12/status/314875642724380673

As a noted Occupy Wall Street fan, Slates Matt Yglesias is big time sympathizer with the 99%. He stands up for the normal people fighting the overpaid doctors and other wealthy people. He is arm in arm with the brave souls who speak truth to power — even if that truth requires defecating on a police car.

With such an egalitarian vision, we assume that Yglesias lives a normal life, far from the decadent 1% fat cats who are dragging this nation down.

Actually — hold that thought — look what turned up in the latest issue of the Washingtonian.

 Journalist and political blogger Matthew Yglesias bought a three-bedroom, three-bath condo on Q Street in Logan Circle for $1.2 million. In a converted Victorian rowhouse, the unit has original exposed-brick walls and a private patio. Yglesias writes about business and the economy for Slate.

No, Matt, no! We thought you were down with the Occupiers.

$1.2 million dollars? That’s, like, even more than Dr. Evil wanted! There are so many better uses for that cash. I mean, that would totally buy, like, two years worth of bong hits for all your friends from the Occupy camp. Like, spread the wealth, dude!

I wonder if all “American Doctors are Overpaid” hypocrites like @mattyglesias live in $1.2 MILLION dollar home?…

— The Desert Rat (@Dave_Taft) March 21, 2013

@mattyglesias down with the struggle! rents too damn high! gimme your money!…

— Rev. Dr. E Buzz (@RevDrEBuzz) March 21, 2013

@iowahawkblog @mattyglesias $1,200,000 = 5 years of broadband for every disadvantaged household in Danbury

— Tim Shutters (@TimShutters) March 21, 2013

@mattyglesias just heard about the condo purchase. Must be nice to be a 1%. Couldn’t you have settled for something less and helped the poor

— Jake (@Jake_Sam) March 21, 2013

MT @thegarance: Matt Yglesias bought a 3 bedroom condofor $1.2 million” And he says doctors & bankers are overpaid.

— midtowngirl (@_Midtowngirl) March 21, 2013

Market failure? RT @iowahawkblog: Wow. Matt Yglesias buys $1.2 million house.

— nickgillespie (@nickgillespie) March 21, 2013

.@tomgara @mattyglesias He should’ve just bought Cyprus.

— Shereen ◆ شيرين شفيع (@shereenTshafi) March 21, 2013

Congrats to @mattyglesias for either coming from money or making a lot of it by complaining about those who come from or make a lot of it.

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) March 21, 2013

It’s okay Matt, we know your heart’s in the right place. We know you’re fighting against all the other filthy rich people. Even if you’ve got a big fancy house in an exclusive neighborhood, you’re still one of us. You’re not dropping $10 million on a condo like Chelsea Clinton did. Besides, $1.2 million is more like the 98th percentile, so maybe you can still be in the 99%.

You’re totally going to invite all the homeless Occupy people to your next dinner party, right?


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