Babies Born With Hair Offer Extra Entertainment

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Oh, babies! They’re known for their round heads covered in a light dusting of peach fuzz, which can make them look like little adorable baby seals (at best) or grumpy old men (at worst). The amount of hair a baby has on birth will vary due to a number of factors, such as genetics and hormone levels, but most kids begin life with a scant amount that fills in as they grow. Other kids are little cueballs, and some, like this baby, are born with full, luxurious heads of hair that would make any shampoo commercial model jealous.

It’s an old wives tale that if the mother has heartburn while she’s pregnant, it’s indicative of a hairy baby; it was actually thought that the hair caused the heartburn by tickling her organs. Now that we know about the uterus and stuff, we know that this is not the case–and thankfully so, because that’s a disturbing image. Actually, heartburn and hairy babies might be linked, but not to each other. Studies suggest that high hormone levels can cause both. 

Anyway, we don’t know if this kid’s mom had heartburn, but we do know he’s got one impressive mane. We also know that the parents have a good sense of humor because they’ve decided to take full advantage of this now and have created a number of styles for their son, each with its own name. The baby’s facial expressions definitely add to the enjoyment. There’s also, we figure, future benefits to this. How much fun will these pictures be to pull out when the kid’s a teenager?

Note how the facial expressions are pretty good matches for the hairstyles. Kid’s a natural.

My favorites are probably the Creepy Old Man and the Johnny Bravo, although I’m liking how perfectly in-character the Greasy Banker and the Surf’s Up are as well. We’ll anxiously await the day when the parents decide it’s hair accessory time.

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