Conservatives take over Obama’s latest hashtag!/Chapman_Jamie/status/188052457539121152

Despite its abysmal track record of launching hashtags on Twitter the Obama campaign decided to try again tonight. Thus #WhatsRomneyHiding was born.

So what's Romney hiding? Tweet @MittRomney to demand he release his tax returns. #WhatsRomneyHiding

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) April 5, 2012

Of course the hashtag, which became a worldwide trending topic, hasn’t been used as Obama’s campaign intended. Instead of demands to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns the hashtag is filled with random jokes and tweets mocking Obama. Here are the best #WhatsRomneyHiding tweets.

His long friendship with murderous radical Bill Ayers? #WhatsRomneyHiding #OhWait

— Neocon Blonde (@NeoconBlonde) April 6, 2012

An explanation of how raising taxes on oil companies will lower gas prices #WhatsRomneyHiding @BarackObama

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) April 5, 2012

His phone number is 8675309 #WhatsRomneyHiding

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) April 5, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding Maybe Romney is hiding that he flew his dog from Hawaii to DC for a photo op… oh wait…

— Go Colts!!! (@hoosierclinger) April 6, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding That on more than one occasion, he's been proud of his country.

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) April 6, 2012!/mantone1/status/188056275731488768!/Professor_Why/status/188056245956116481

#WhatsRomneyHiding 1.2 million people that disappeared from the workforce a few months ago? #ohwait

— Alex P Keaton (@I_Hate_Hippies) April 6, 2012!/EMcLean1982/status/188055873644544000

#WhatsRomneyHiding he's read the Constitution unlike Obama and Holder

— John Brooks (@Jbroks86) April 6, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding A tape of himself praising Rashid Khalidi. Oh, wait…

— JLThorpe (@JLThorpe) April 6, 2012

#whatsromneyhiding Blueprints to an algae refinery

— Matt Brinkman (@chefbrink) April 6, 2012

#whatsromneyhiding he likes dancing to footloose.

— jim reittinger (@jimreittinger) April 6, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding his secret 'more flexible' plans with Russia? Nope, Obama again.

— ✩ Megan ✩ (@MeganSmiles) April 6, 2012

#whatsromneyhiding that he's not a tempermental child who openly asks people to make baseless speculations about his opponents?

— The Augur (@theaugur) April 6, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding the ATM's that stole all the jobs

— Sister Honey (D) (@Herfarm) April 6, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding the secret to using the Commerce Clause to turn lead into gold

— Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) April 6, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding The person who refuses to let Obama be clear

— DrewMTips (@DrewMTips) April 6, 2012

Obama's college records? #whatsromneyhiding

— Ken Gardner (@kesgardner) April 6, 2012!/MrPartisan/status/188060177109483520

#whatsromneyhiding the fact that he is a student of critical race theory? Or is that Obama…..?

— Oklahoma Adam™ (@OklahomaAdam) April 6, 2012

Thank you thank you thank you @BarackObama for helping conservatives unite around @MittRomney. #WhatsRomneyHiding

— Kevin Eder (@keder) April 5, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding that he knows what unprecedented means

— Sam Adams (@SamAdamsTPP) April 6, 2012

#WhatsRomneyHiding – Not Chicago real estate deals with Tony Rezko

— T Bradley (@TBradleyNC) April 6, 2012

The fact that the Obama new media campaign team keeps launching hashtags when they’re inevitably going to be taken over and used to mock their candidate is confounding. Is this the worst new media team in politics? What other explanation is there?

UPDATE: Not satisfied with hijacking #WhatsRomneyHiding it seems that conservatives have created the worldwide trending topic #WhatsObamaHiding to further criticize the President.

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