Friends tweet name of third possible Aurora shooting victim: Alex Teves!/dingos8myTARDIS/status/226523382320099329

In addition to Jessica Ghawi/Jessica Redfield and Alex Sullivan, Twitter users have named a third possible victim of the 12 who died in the Aurora theater shooting.

His name is reportedly Alex Teves. A friend of his who was apparently with him at the theater and survived, kept her followers updated throughout last night and today as events unfolded.

@LustInLove Yes. It was my theater. I'm outside, one of my friends is still inside. No one knows what's going on.

— Caitlin (@dingos8myTARDIS) July 20, 2012

My friend is still MIA, will post when I have news.

— Caitlin (@dingos8myTARDIS) July 20, 2012

She tweeted late tonight that her friend did not survive:

Alex Teves was a Arizona basketball fan, loved Spider-Man, was an amazing therapist, and died a hero.

— Caitlin (@dingos8myTARDIS) July 21, 2012

Alex didn't make it.

— Caitlin (@dingos8myTARDIS) July 21, 2012

He could make us all laugh with his Gollum impression. I'll never forget that.

— Caitlin (@dingos8myTARDIS) July 21, 2012

Others with ties to Teves added:

Just received confirmation that one of my good friend's nephew was killed at the theatre last night. 24 years old. RIP Alex Teves. #Aurora

— Brett M. Wendt (@iron40) July 21, 2012

@drewmoor thanks, Drew. We could use a lift. My buddy's nephew is among those lost. Such a senseless tragedy. Prayers to all those affected.

— Brett M. Wendt (@iron40) July 21, 2012

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Alex Teves.

My second glass of the night goes to Alex Teves. We'll remember his name long after the coward that took his life rots away in prison.

— Ari Iwan (@extemporari) July 21, 2012

#RIPAlexTeves Taken too soon #Colorado #shooting #Victim such a sad thing.

— Ajai Dittmar (@sibzianna) July 21, 2012



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