People before politics: Liberals tweet well wishes for FRC!/JoshSeefried/status/235772844154425345

Liberals are very vocal when it comes to their disagreement with the Family Research Council’s mission. But while many took the opportunity to celebrate today’s shooting and portray it as karma for the FRC, some on the Left rose above the fray and expressed their condemnation of the shooting and support for the conservative organization and the security guard who saved lives:

Glad to hear that nobody was killed in the shooting at the Family Research Council today. Hate that organization, but violence not answer.

— Schmendrick (@ATLGreg1) August 15, 2012

I hope the security guard shot at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC is okay.

— DogLovers4Dems (@Donna_West) August 15, 2012

I am sorry to hear of a shooting at the Family Research Council. How many more shootings this Summer before we can talk about guns?

— Elizabeth Miller (@DoorbellQueen) August 15, 2012

I hate what the Family Research Council stands for, but I'm horrified by the shooting of a security guard at their offices in DC.

— Bill Detty (@BDetty) August 15, 2012

I don't agree with the Family Research Council's agenda, but I hope the FRC security guard that was shot is able to recover from his wounds.

— Aaron Camp (@AaronApolloCamp) August 15, 2012

My prayers are with the security guard and his family who was shot at the Family Research Council. Violence and anger is never the answer

— David Mixner (@DavidMixner) August 15, 2012

I'm no fan of the Family Research Council, but this shooting is just horrific. My thoughts are with the security guard and FRC. <3

— zeroable (@zeroable) August 15, 2012

I am against everything the FRC stands for, pretty much, but all my love to them, today:

— Jason Gignac (@jasonpgignac) August 15, 2012

A number of LGBT organizations have also issued a joint statement condemning the violence.

It’s comforting to know that it’s still possible for civility to transcend politics.

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