Reaction split on reported firing of Chick-fil-A drive-thru bully!/bob_owens/status/231144468185747457 Many took immediate joy from reports that Adam Smith, the man who posted a YouTube video of himself hassling a Chick-fil-A drive-thru worker, was fired from his CFO gig following the incident. However, opinion is split on whether this was a fireable offense. Aaron Walker (who blogs as Aaron Worthing) knows a thing or […]


Borgore Wants You To Know That He “Fucking Loves Women”

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A popular Israeli DJ-producer widely criticized for misogynist lyrics is EDM’s most despised man and the poster child for the culture’s most controversial tendencies. So why doesn’t he see the problem? View this image › Photo by Yael Malka for BuzzFeed Eight college-aged women are twerking furiously to EDM music in a brightly lit tent, […]


You’ve Seen Pregnancy Announcements On Facebook, But Their Version Is Way Different

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Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re scrolling through Facebook and you see announcement after announcement — babies, weddings, new houses. It seems like your virtual friends have it all figured out. This propensity for oversharing is especially hard for people who struggle with fertility issues. According to Resolve, one in eight couples struggle to […]


Do You Get Angry Often? It Could Be Putting Your Health At Serious Risk

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Let’s get real — we all feel like doing this sometimes. While expressing your anger in a safe way can help release your pent-up frustrations, experts say that regularly getting angry can negatively affect your health. According to a study published in the European Heart Journal in 2014, people who have an angry outburst once […]


When Animals Have Perfectly Startling Timing, This Hilarity Happens

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It’s always hilarious when you’re able to time a prank so perfectly that the prankee spills the cereal they were holding all down the front of their shirt. The bigger the mess, the better. The best pranksters out there, though, might be our furry, bug-eyed, or even scaly counterparts. They’re unpredictable, and you never know […]


They Were Doing Underwater Research When — Suddenly — Something Massive Came To Say Hello

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On April 15, 2015, researchers from E/V Nautilus sent a robot named Hercules down into the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana. They were exploring the biology, geology, and archeology of the ocean, and when they reached a depth of 1,962 feet, they suddenly encountered something magnificent — a sperm […]


A Couple Beautifully Says Goodbye To Their Deceased Dog. The Last 2 Photos Destroyed Me.

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Helena and Laurent are a San Francisco-based couple who are not only married, but they work together as wedding photographers. According to their Web site, Helena always wanted to be an artist and Laurent wanted to fly through the desert and photograph lions. They are living a slightly modified version of their dreams (less lions) […]


This Pug Was Born Without Eyes. That’s What Makes What He Does Even More Unbelievable.

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This little pug is completely blind and doesn’t even have eyes. But you want to know what he does have? One of the biggest and most charming personalities we have ever seen. His name is Xander and he is a service dog that brings along smiles wherever he goes. Xander, a 2 year-old pug mix, […]


Unoriginal liberal thought of the day: Florida voter purge raaaaacist!!/erikrush/status/212271994895470592 Conservative author and columnist Erik Rush calls out‘s latest predictable act of race-baiting.  They are currently pushing a petition asking Attorney General Eric Holder to block Florida’s attempt to clean up the voter rolls. How dare Governor Rick Scott put forth a valiant effort to maintain integrity in the voting process? As expected, the […]


Libs’ new old rallying cry: Release the tax returnzzzzz!/MMFlint/status/261584236564316160 In the quest to keep their messiah in office for another four years, liberals have taken the oh-so-hip step of going retro. It wasn’t just Ol’ Reliable, Michael Moore, throwing out this ragged old bone, which apparently was triggered by Donald Trump’s pursuit of Obama’s college transcripts: If Mystery Mitt releases his tax returns, […]