Shameless: NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ scrambles to tie Boston bombing to gun control!/ericbolling/status/325992991594512384

Less than a week after the horrific bombing that took place in Boston, NBC’s “Meet the Press” is working hard to ensure that the crisis isn’t going to waste.

@meetthepress It took about 30 minutes to mention gun control in the same breath as the bombing because both are violent…liberals

— Steve Monday (@MondayOldSchool) April 21, 2013

@meetthepress #MTH discussing terrorism & bring up gun ownership shameless! 90% of Americans didn’t support bill written 4 background checks

— dservati (@dservati) April 21, 2013

#BREAKING: David Gregory just linked #Boston terrorist attack to lack of progress on gun control in the Senate. #MTP

— Vadim Y. Bichutskiy (@vybstat) April 21, 2013

In addition to being very insensitive, the argument doesn’t even make sense. But hey, wouldn’t want facts to get in the way.

.@meetthepress .Marathon Bombers & Brokaw, MTP panel ties it in with Obamas Gun Ban what a pathetic answer to the Boston Jihadists!

— Lilly McKim (@lillymckim) April 21, 2013

@meetthepress ok so now we need to bring in gun debate #fail

— Hank Bolduc (@hbolducII) April 21, 2013

Illinois DEMOCRAT Dick Durbin was just on NBC’s Meet the Press with Democrat DAVID GREGORY preaching National Gun Registry.

— skyefaerie (@oldbooksdolls) April 21, 2013

@kytxcbs19 Meet the Press this morning – SICKENING.Gun control brainwashing of the worst kind.You are News not Emotions. Stand Up! @tedcruz

— PoliticalBrew (@PoliticalBrew) April 21, 2013

It’s nothing new. Their goal is to advance their agenda at whatever cost. Sad.


Here’s a link to video of the “Meet the Press” segment.


Jackassery: NYT’s Nick Kristof can’t wait to politicize Boston Marathon bombing

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