Update on that Wikipedia ‘Critical Race Theory’ entry editing war; Update update: Now Bell’s widow weighs in

http://twitter.com/#!/jtLOL/status/179547035324784640 Update: Soledad O’Brien’s Wikipedia page ‘edited’ 27 times since Team #Breitbart meltdown… — en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?ti… — Tom(@ThreatcoreNews) March 11, 2012 We’ve touched on this subject already, here, but The Daily Caller brings us up to date with comments from one of the Uber-editors at Wikipedia: An editing war ensued almost immediately between pro- and anti-O’Brien […]


Left claims Mitt Romney will take pretty much everything from them

http://twitter.com/#!/gavinlindemuth/status/241378558012960771 #ThingsMittRomneyWillTakeAway is a Twitter trending topic tonight. And what interesting reading it is! It turns out that the Left thinks pretty much everything is at risk. No wonder they are so worried about a Romney presidency: #ThingsMittRomneyWillTakeAway Christmas — Rebekah (@_OnlyBlackGirl) August 31, 2012 all the happiness in this country #ThingsMittRomneyWillTakeAway — Ryan Kangas […]


She Loved Her Forever Home, But What Happened Will Break Your Heart In Two

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Mighty Mutts in Toronto, Canada, provides training for dogs looking to join the canine work force or rehabilitate bad behavior. They also board rescue pups, most saved from death row at other shelters, but the facility has limited space. This sweet girl named Lana was brought in about a year ago when she was just […]


This Is A Moment That Would Make Your Heart Stop. Watch What This Cheetah Does.

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While on safari in Tanzania, Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow had a cheetah encounter that made wildlife enthusiasts jealous the world over. Even if you’re not a lover of big cats, her recent encounter will still intrigue you. A curious juvenile cheetah and his sibling spotted the Land Rovers rolling through their home, so they decided […]


‘Neutered our foreign policy’: @DiploMutt proves State Dept. has officially gone to the dogs

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http://twitter.com/#!/Cameron_Gray/status/459731517737291776 Worried they’re just goofing around at the State Department? Yeah, you might be onto something: http://twitter.com/#!/TheDemocrats/status/459726876043657216 Only two tweets from @DiploMutt so far: http://twitter.com/#!/DiploMutt/status/459406465669672961 But he’s already got people talking: http://twitter.com/#!/DonutSnores/status/459727798085898240 It’s just too easy: http://twitter.com/#!/Lilleth71/status/459730696819720192 http://twitter.com/#!/SuperAndrea/status/459729769987194880 http://twitter.com/#!/LadyLNorth/status/459731579099549697 http://twitter.com/#!/liars_never_win/status/459731297725067264 Especially if DiploMutt has some arrows in his quiver! http://twitter.com/#!/HG_Pennypacker/status/459731120615985152 Kibble & #Hashtags Who gets […]


HYPOCRITE! George Clooney lectures Hollywood on diversity


You can add superstar George Clooney to the list of liberals in Hollywood who are angry at liberal Academy voters and liberal Hollywood directors over diversity issues in Hollywood: Go get ’em, George! Now, check out the trailer for Clooney’s next film, “Hail, Caesar!” We count zero black actors. Can you fine one? And here’s […]


This Cute Cat May Be Blind, But She Still Has Her Sense Of Adventure.

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This calico cutie may be blind, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the great outdoors. Her name is Honey Bee and she was rescued by Animals Fiji, a rescue charity, before being adopted by her owners and brought to America.  Honey Bee was born with both microphthalmia and macrophthalmia in each of her eyes, meaning one was abnormally […]


Debbies wreak havoc across Florida

http://twitter.com/#!/SaintRPh/status/217415721670553601 One is a soggy blowhard moving aimlessly through the state of Florida and the other is a tropical storm. It looks as though Democrats aren’t that fond of their current party leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz anymore. Javier at The Shark Tank blog broke the news over the weekend that these persistent rumors are valid. According […]


Grave dancers deface London theater sign: ‘Margaret Thatchers dead LOL’ [photos]

Thanks for all of your messages about the @RitzyCinema this morning, just to be clear the cinema's readograph was vandalised by revelers. — Team Picturehouse (@picturehouses) April 9, 2013 On Monday, gleeful mobs turned out to celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s death with street parties that included champagne and joyous banners. Grave-dancing revelers in the Brixton section […]