Let’s watch as progressives fight each other over another hot take on Syria (involving lies within lies)

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Word has it that Matt Stoller is prominent voice on the left, although the fact that he’s made no attempt to conceal his tenure as senior policy advisor to Alan Grayson is proof enough to us that he’s firmly to the left of the left and happy there. However, progressives as prominent asNeera Tanden, president […]


These Incredibly Realistic Images Are Actually Tattoos. You Have To See Them To Believe It.

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Tattooing is an ancient practice with roots around the world, from the British Isles to the Pacific. Thanks to modern developments in technology (and sanitation), tattoos are more intricate and vibrant than ever. While some prefer to work with more traditional styles, some artists are pushing the limits of tattoo art to create photorealistic images […]


Martha Plimpton hits Bob Beckel for rape remarks, skips #WarOnWomen hashtag

http://twitter.com/#!/MarthaPlimpton/status/304080160037171200 Actress Martha Plimpton and her “reproductive rights” foundation, A Is For, caught wind of serial misogynist Bob Beckel’s stomach-turning trivialization of rape yesterday and immediately sent out tweets calling for him to “apologize” and “educate himself.” To insinuate that a woman shouldn’t defend herself against rape because the attacker is her date is disgusting […]


Ann Coulter, who boosted Herman Cain, calls Sen. Marco Rubio a “novelty candidate”

http://twitter.com/#!/ItsDavidFord/status/186474838536359936 So Sen. Rubio is a “novelty?” Will she call him a “token” next? She apparently prefers her GOP idol Chris Christie or Sen. Jon Kyl. Speaking of “novelties”… Flashback:  Coulter on Cain – “Our blacks are so much better than their blacks.” Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/04/01/ann-coulter-who-boosted-herman-cain-calls-sen-marco-rubio-a-novelty-candidate/


Defying Trump’s coup, Keith Olbermann transmits plea for help to world’s intel agencies

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Last November, just before Election Day, GQ Special Correspondent Keith Olbermann declared James Comey’sposition at the FBI “no longer tenable” and called for his firing. As recent as last month the narrative wasthat it was “painfullyobvious” that Comey, aided by the media, cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. Like most Americans, though, Olbermann didn’t realize that […]


Stephanie Miller stumped by Malkin’s ‘rice ball of health care nonsense’

http://twitter.com/#!/CarolVicic/status/300262440023781376 Stephanie Miller Blasts Michelle Malkin’s ‘Rice Ball of Health Care Nonsense’ ow.ly/2uLLBE — NewsBusters (@newsbusters) February 9, 2013 Newsbusters’ Matthew Balan is more than fair in his analysis of progressive talker Stephanie Miller’s racist slight Thursday against Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin. Sure, it’s possible that Miller just had rice balls on the brain when […]