Mom-To-Be Reveals What Happens When Hand Sanitizer Goes Where It Doesn’t Belong

Pregnancy involves lots of checkups with an OB-GYN, and they’re usually joyful experiences.

From learning more about the baby, to hearing a heartbeat, to actually seeing them on the ultrasound monitor, new parents often look forward to these glimpses into how their future child is doing. One woman got quite the shock, however, when things didn’t quite go right during her ultrasound. She and her husband have an incredible sense of humor about the situation.

It was an innocent mistake, but it completely changed how her ultrasound went. Listen to this couple tell their story below!

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Ha! I’m so glad her discomfort was minimal and that she has such an amazing attitude. Share her experience with others who will think this is too funny to handle. (Ladies, you know the struggle.)

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