What They Just Did With An Egg Shows Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car

Every year when the weather gets hot, dog tragically die when they’re left inside hot cars.

But despite all the warnings we get when summer rolls around, some people just don’t (or refuse to) understand how only a few minutes inside a hot, parked car can mean the difference between life and death for our furry friends. That’s why Imgur user Pigswithstripes decided to test just how blistering the inside of a car can get on a sunny day.

After cracking an egg and dropping it into a frying pan, they placed it on a car seat and left it there for a short amount of time.

They also left a window cracked.

The temperature quickly reached over 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

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And here’s the egg after 15 minutes.

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Now just imagine what that feels like to a dog covered in fur, window cracked or not.

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In just 15 minutes (the time it took to cook that egg), animals can sustain brain damage

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