She Heard A Strange Noise In The Bathroom. Then She Looked Up And Saw This Horror.

Most people are afraid of snakes. It’s a pretty commonplace fear.

Even if you have a healthy respect for them and recognize that they do a great job of keeping pests away from your house, you probably don’t want a snake all up in your business. Sherry Baxter Minter was minding her own business when she entered her mother’s bathroom, but when she and her cat started hearing noises, her day went from zero to 100 pretty fast.

I don’t even know what I would do if I found a snake caught in my light fixture. Probably just move out, right?

Fortunately, Sherry kept her cool and some relatives were able to capture the snake and release it back into the wild.

I would be so scared if I saw that in my bathroom. I’m glad the snake is back where it belongs! Share this with your friends and family to totally freak them out.

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