Raccoon Paws Or Tiny Demon Hands? You Decide

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#CPAC2013: Sen. Rubio scores; Water bottles still causing buzz [photos]

http://twitter.com/#!/SBroadie/status/312253042407915520 Senator Rubio hit the stage at CPAC 2013 earlier today. Looking forward to speaking at #CPAC2013 at 1:15p.m. #CPAC13 — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) March 14, 2013 @alcardenasacu about to introduce @marcorubio on stage at #cpac2013! #tcot twitter.com/CPACnews/statu… — CPAC (@CPACnews) March 14, 2013 Of course, water bottles were all the rage. spotted at #CPAC2013 […]


‘Dead broke’ again? Report: Hillary has paid herself $250k from campaign funds

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It’s good work if you can get it: We’d say it’s unbelievable, but this is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about: The campaign of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has made payments totaling six figures to Clinton this election cycle, according to a review of its expenditures. […] No other candidate running for president recorded payments […]


Larry David’s ‘heckling’ of Trump on SNL curbs lefty enthusiasm

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Last night, many who tuned in to watch Saturday Night Live were curious if anybody would accept the challenge to call Donald Trump a racist. One person did just that, but it wasn’t impromptu: Saturday Night Live didnt waste any time defusing the Deport Racism challenge, which offered $5,000 to anyone who managed to disrupt […]


Muslims offended by anti-Islam film threaten, call to ‘ruin’ filmmaker

http://twitter.com/#!/Relytsikcaj/status/245913392924225536 As Twitchy reported earlier, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania is calling for the imprisonment of Sam Bacile, an Israeli filmmaker whose “Innocence of Muslims” is being blamed by many for yesterday’s bloody attacks in Egypt and Libya. Bacile’s crime? Making a lousy movie that depicts Mohammed as a fraud, among other things. […]