A Hitman Was Paid A Measly $7 To Shoot This Dog In The Face. But No One Expected THIS.

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Warning: You may find these graphic images to be disturbing. A father and son were fishing in the town of Orehovec in Croatia when they noticed something strange. The father, Pawel Brodzky, spotted a dog near death floating in the water. The two moved quickly, recovering the dying dog. When they got close enough to see what was wrong with him, they were shocked.

The dog, now named Lucky, was shot point blank with a shotgun.

The father and son spotted the man who tossed him in the river. He was a hunter who was paid $7 to end this dog’s life.

(H/T Life With Dogs) The dog, whose old name was Olly, belonged to a man who wanted to euthanize him. Supposedly, he was told it would cost him $50, so he paid a hitman to shoot him and throw his body in the river. According to animal welfare workers, the hitman has been known to kill other dogs in a similar way and faces a year in jail for animal cruelty. Lucky needed surgery for the wounds on his head and leg, but he is recovering and should be ready to go home in just a couple of months. There are multiple people waiting for the chance to take him home and give him the love he deserves. He’ll never face such cruelty again. Share his story.

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