Dog Is Ashamed That She Tore Up Paper Towels, So She Does This Adorable Thing

I love my dog, but he can get into some serious trouble sometimes.

Our canine pals love to play and tear stuff apart, so it’s inevitable that every once in a while, they get their paws on something that we don’t want them to. Whether it’s valuable, sentimental, or just makes a mess, it’s a total bummer. But often, our doggos look so guilty afterward that it’s hard to stay mad at them for long.

After Brett’s dog Gracie destroyed some paper towels in the hallway, she found an unbelievably adorable way to express her guilt and shame for what she’d done.

That’s an apology if I’ve ever seen one! Aww, she’s so precious.

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I’m sure Gracie was forgiven immediately. Share this video with anyone who tends to get mad at you from time to time. It might just get you off the hook for good!

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