Old Spice hawk commercial: Funny or creepy?


Game over, other commercials. The Old Spice hawk commercial wins. #takecareofmyladyfriend

— Tim Glaze (@timothyglaze) February 10, 2013

“Old Spice” was trending this afternoon as football fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to the cologne company’s latest ad. If you missed it on the tube, you can watch it right here:

A hawk is a bird that eats rabbits, but it is also a bird that inspires men to smell like a hawk-inspired body product. youtu.be/iV28ZEJOZfQ

— Old Spice(@OldSpice) February 4, 2013

There were plenty of raves for the commercial:

Old spice Hawk ridge commercial is funny to me Idk why

— Matthew LaClair (@MCL33FTW) February 10, 2013

Lmao!!! @ the old spice commercial… A hawk from under the table?! #wtf

— Emilio San Juan (@TunechiGrande) February 10, 2013

That hawk old spice commercialalways has me in tears

— Eclectic (@INFINITY_on_HI) February 10, 2013

But not everyone thought it smelled right:

The old spice hawk commercial is so stupid

— Joe Giuliani (@TheSchmoe72095) February 10, 2013

Old Spice…can the commercials with the annoying hawk noise!

— Cheryll WoodsFlowers (@CflowersChasExp) February 10, 2013

That was a creepy Old Spice commercial. That hawk was too close to the man area. Lol

— Airtight Willy (@chill4will) February 10, 2013

No subliminal message in where that last Old Spice hawk shows up. No subliminal message at all.

— Ethan Strauss (@SherwoodStrauss) February 10, 2013

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