These Stories Of Black-Eyed Children Are So Terrifying

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Have you ever seen a child with black eyes? According to an urban legend, you may have had an encounter with the undead.

Since the 1990s, rumors of black-eyed children have circulated online. Those who claim to have witnessed the children firsthand say that they are typically between the ages of six and 16. Sometimes they are seen hitchhiking or panhandling. Other times, they appear right on people’s doorsteps.

Some say that the black-eyed children are vampires. Others claim that they are terrifying manifestations of paranormal spirits.

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While most paranormal encounters with black-eyed children, there are also various reports about black-eyed animals, such as cats and dogs. All behave oddly before quickly disappearing.


Redditor Kaine1212 says he was relaxing with his girlfriend one evening when two black-eyed children showed up on their doorstep. They repeatedly asked to be let inside the house, but he refused. Later, he woke up on the floor with his head covered in blood. The children were gone.


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The details of his story certainly seem to support the vampire theory. After all, vampires can’t come inside unless they are invited.


Another anonymous woman has a similar story, only she let the children inside. There was a fierce snowstorm brewing outside and the kids said they needed to wait for their parents to pick to them up.


Later, several men arrived to collect the children. They were wearing dark suits and appeared to be over six feet tall. Since that day, the woman’s husband has been diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer. She suffers from regular dizzy spells and nosebleeds. She says that she is “slowly dying.”


Others have run into black-eyed kids hitchhiking or while sitting in parked cars. They claim to need a ride to a phone, but need permission to enter the vehicle.


What do you think? Do black-eyed children really exist or are they just an urban legend?

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Personally, I’m not taking any chances! If a black-eyed kid comes knocking on my door, I’m calling the police immediately.

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