12 Weird Truths All Cat Owners Sadly (And Hilariously) Accept As Cold, Hard Fact

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My cat can be so sweet and cuddly that my heart (and Instagram feed) overflows with all the snuggly love. But then a few moments later, without warning, I’m sporting a new scratch on my hands from petting him just one second too long. Sometimes it looks more like I live with Edward Scissorhands rather […]


‘Comedian’ Michael Buckley, other sickos hope Ann Coulter dies

http://twitter.com/#!/buckhollywood/status/313036992709554177 Wow. New tone! As Twitchy reported, Ann Coulter spoke at CPAC yesterday. To the twisted, like “internet celebrity” and comedian Michael Buckley, one can’t simply disagree with her. No, no. It is cause for wishing for her death. I was kidding. I do not wish someone dead. I do wish her evil persona dead […]


Hope y’all enjoy 2018! Why Democrats keep losing brought to you by their OWN Twitter account

The Democrats’ own Twitter account just perfectly illustrated one of the main reasons why their party is getting consistently defeated at the ballot box. This is how Democrats define the people they want to win elections. It is also why they continue to lose elections. Let's elect: ✅Black women✅LGBT women✅Muslim women✅Disabled women✅Jewish women✅Latina women✅Millennial women✅Jewish women✅AAPI women✅More. […]


WOW! Nancy Pelosi goes on smug rant about #MasterpieceCakeshop, gets OWNED by gay Catholic

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As arguments around Masterpiece Cakeshop wrapped up with SCOTUS, Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter in order to pander, preen and plunder for LGBT votes. Grab your barf bag because the sheer amount of sanctimony and BS in these tweets is absolutely nauseating: The true story of America is a story that celebrates the constant march of […]


Thugs! James Woods has had it; Doesn’t mince words on Rick Perry indictment

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http://twitter.com/#!/RealJamesWoods/status/501187454825934849 As always, actor James Woods tells it like it is. Woods took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the ludicrous, politically motivated Rick Perry indictment. http://twitter.com/#!/RealJamesWoods/status/501352888665645056 Indeed. As Twitchy reported, even some liberals are being intellectually honest and decrying the indictment as “politics not felony” and “outrageously unfair.” Pigs flew by our window […]


The top 15 liberal pick up lines

http://twitter.com/#!/Crapplefratz/status/211980380528582656 What exactly do liberals say to pick each other up? That’s a mystery that’s haunted the world for ages. Thankfully these 15 tweets have finally provided some insight into #LiberalPickupLines. #LiberalPickupLines Hey, wanna check out some headwinds? — J Tapp (@HashtagProphet) June 11, 2012 My mom lives with ME #liberalpickuplines — Uncle Crumpty (@UncleCrumpty) […]