These 15 Brilliant Thoughts Came From An Unexpected Place: The Shower.

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An epiphany can happen almost anywhere. You could be taking the bus, eating dinner, watching television… or you could even be in the shower. Showering can be a great source of inspiration. (After all, you’re just standing there and thinking for an extended period of time.) The Shower Thoughts sub-Reddit is dedicated to collecting some of the best deep thoughts anyone has had in the shower. 

As a result, some of the silliest (yet most thought-provoking) thoughts are discovered. Some of these will really make you sit back and go “HMMMMMM?” 

1.) Mmm. Pizza thoughts.

2.) I hope it wasn’t the reverse.

3.) Mirror, mirror. Sup?

4.) LOL, bro, that’s too funny.

5.) … … whoa.

6.) I’m going to start watching Jeopardy backwards. I’ll feel so smart.

7.) Oh, Alanis.

8.) Yawning can be serious business.

9.) Or are dogs the seals of the land?

10.) Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on everyone else.

11.) Ew… I think.

12.) That phrase is less meaningful now.

13.) Or are they just pictures?

14.) Literally.

15.) Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on everyone else.

(via Reddit)

Suddenly, taking a 45-minute shower doesn’t seem so silly (although it’s still an obnoxious waste of water). Have you had any Deep Thoughts while in the shower? 

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