‘Comedian’ Michael Buckley, other sickos hope Ann Coulter dies


Wow. New tone! As Twitchy reported, Ann Coulter spoke at CPAC yesterday. To the twisted, like “internet celebrity” and comedian Michael Buckley, one can’t simply disagree with her. No, no. It is cause for wishing for her death.

I was kidding. I do not wish someone dead. I do wish her evil persona dead and a human being to emerge from the carcass. LOL #AnnCoulter

— Michael Buckley(@buckhollywood) March 16, 2013

LOL! If you add that (after the fact, natch), it makes it totally okay to hope for someone’s death, you see.

“Teddy Kennedy has the only confirmed ‘kill’ in the war on women.” Thank you, Ann Coulter.

— Tyler Thompson (@TheOnlyThompson) March 17, 2013

Truth hurts, and it really got under the skin of some. Thus, other sickos weighed in. War on women? What do you call this?

@buckhollywood Not me. I wish her to be pushed down a well.

— ♪ Ashley W. ♫ (@xTheOtherGirl) March 16, 2013

@buckhollywood Don’t forget the lovely Sarah Palin…

— Jen Monster (@madluv4gaga) March 16, 2013

@buckhollywood Ha! Well, if we go to Hell, I’ll gladly spend my time with you,BUT she’ll have to find other accommodations! #LowerThanHell

— Cyn (@Cyn190) March 16, 2013

Wow Ann coulter should probably die ASAP

— Claire Darling (@ClaireDarlingx) March 17, 2013

BARF!!! Ann Coulter is on t.v. Sorry to say this but when is she gonna die?

— Audrey Rose (@AudreyRoseHaven) March 17, 2013

@anncoulter YOU FUCKING CUNT.You make Sarah Palin seem smart.Good job.DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE.Please.

— Kelly Halpine (@khalpine) March 16, 2013

@anncoulter you’re a dirty cunt and I hope you die an early and painful death. You give white women a bad name you ugly on the inside bitch.

— ✌ (@_la_sola_) March 16, 2013

I wish Ann coulter would fucking die. All she spews are lies and bullshit and I am utterly disgusted we are of the same gender. #annCUNTler

— Tessa Elliott (@tessaelliott) March 17, 2013

We are pretty sure she doesn’t see the irony in that despicable statement. Sisterhood!

Conservative pundit and oft-time Walking Dead extra, Ann Coulter, proves once again she is the Uncle Tom of femininity. #CPAC2013

— Phillip Marfoglio (@dcphillip) March 16, 2013

Ah, yes. She is a “gender-traitor,” right? Oh, silly dames! Let smart (and vicious) liberal men speak for you. If you are lucky, they might pat you on your purty little heads! Don’t know your place? Take a gander at what happens then:

Wouldn’t it be easier just to classify Ann Coulter as a cunt?

— Patrick Gibson (@jesta180) March 17, 2013

“Ann Coulter” is really just an anagram for “Worthless Dried Cunt Who Should Douche With A Chainsaw And Rot In A Ditch”#NowYouKnow

— James (@k2cbaja) March 17, 2013

Can Ann Coulter possibly be more of a cunt?

— aly(@Aly25) March 16, 2013

Ann Coulter is a fucking cunt.

— Sumeet Gill (@JattSosa3HUNNA) March 16, 2013

@johnfugelsang Ann Coulter’s photo is what you find when you google Cunt (or look it up in a dictionary).

— atypicalblonde (@atypicalblonde) March 17, 2013

I don’t think Ann Coulter makes any contributions to politics other than just being a heinous bitch 24/7

— Caroline Barber (@c_barbs4) March 17, 2013

Crazy Bitch would have been a more appropriate entrance song for #Coulter #CPAC

— Anna G-house (@AGreathouse_AK) March 16, 2013

Young black conservative asks Ann Coulter out on a date..Poor kid doesn’t know Ann’s a racist bitch.

— Paula B (@PaulaYankelove) March 16, 2013

@huffpostpol Ann Coulter is proof there is a devil. Someone shut that bitch up.

— Barbara S (@Barb1007) March 16, 2013

And get her back in the kitchen, right?

This Twitter user exposes the irony, once again.

Coexist! RT @buckhollywood: That awkward moment where Ann Coulter is trending and you are hoping she is……….. #RIP

— Eric(@eriContrarian) March 16, 2013

Heh. Mr. Buckley, you see, has complained about homophobia and hate on the internet. Honey, heal thyself.

@ericontrarian @buckhollywood death wishes = tolerance/civility, good Obot.

— Tommy (@akaJoban) March 16, 2013

Bingo. Second hateful and vicious verse, same as the first. Scratch a leftist, find a hateful misogynist. Every time.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/03/17/comedian-michael-buckley-hoped-ann-coulter-was-trending-because-she-died-other-sickos-screech-die/

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