Just what Thanksgiving needed: Drag queens in Kinky Boots [photos]

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http://twitter.com/#!/alliediodato/status/406071511477665793 Kinky Boots Musical! Drag Queens in The Macy's Day Thanksgiving Day Parade! Hells yes! http://t.co/NsPGcnR3sd— desperatediva (@desperatediva13) November 28, 2013 http://twitter.com/#!/IamTay/status/406070775590830080 “Kinky Boots” is trending this fine Thanksgiving morning. Why and what is it? The official website describes “Kinky Boots” the Tony Award-winning musical as a “funny, heartwarming new musical about being true to […]


These 9 Pictures Prove That Rasputin Was An Absolute Monster

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If you’re at all familiar with Russian history, then you know the story of Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin was a religious mystic who was welcomed into the family of the Tsar after claiming that he could cure their son of his hemophilia. Rasputin was certainly no doctor, but in the mind of Alexandra Feodorovna — the […]


#BindersFullOfWomen: Romney touts jobs record with women, liberal mockery ensues

http://twitter.com/#!/BuzzFeed/status/258385150105227264 As Twitchy reported, at tonight’s debate, an “uncommitted” voter questioned the candidates about the so-called “wage disparity” between men and women. In his response, Romney touted his record when it comes to employing women in his cabinet. He mentioned how he and his staff actively sought out women to fill vacant positions, remarking on […]


No more Mr. No Drama Obama: POTUS cries…while Romney beams

http://twitter.com/#!/adamsbaldwin/status/265667640922607617 Obama Crying at Final Campaign Rally in Iowa? ~ twitter.com/adamsbaldwin/s… — Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) November 6, 2012 Get out the Kleenex. The man formerly known as “No Drama Obama” pulled out all the stops  — and unleashed some tear drops — in Iowa tonight. We didn’t see them fall when our murdered diplomatic staff […]


Those Elephant Rides In Asia May Seem Fun, But They’re The Result Of Horrid Abuse

When travelling to other countries, many tourists enjoy participating in activities centered around exotic creatures. Wildlife attractions like dolphin swimming, tiger selfies, and elephant rides are marketed as fun, exciting, and harmless interactions between people and animals, but the dark truth behind them is unbelievably cruel and heartbreaking. Have you ever wondered why elephants let […]


Doomed! Survey says most Americans lack crucial ‘gateway belief’ in climate change consensus

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Since we seem to be having a Vox-centric day here at Twitchy, why not make room for one more piece from the explainers hard at work there? This one’s surprising because it sounds a lot to us not only like fake news, but fake news that’s good for climate change skeptics. Almost 90% of Americans […]