Young progressives dance to reduce gun violence

, , ,!/CoryBooker/status/457510204964614144 New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is steering his followers toward Generation Progress and an interpretive dance that will help reduce gun violence. #fight4the33 refers to the 33 people reported murdered with guns every day in the United States.!/jeffogar/status/457627972711636992   Read more:


McGruff the Crime Dog actor busted for possessing 1,000 pot plants

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McGruff the Crime Dog sentenced for pot possession. Smokey the Bear last seen lighting a forest fire. — Michele Catalano (@inthefade) February 7, 2014 Those who grew up with McGruff the Crime Dog are reexamining the crime-fighting mascot Friday as the actor who once portrayed him is sentenced to 16 years in prison. NBC News […]


George Zimmerman’s latest painting puts prosecutor in harsh spotlight

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Released painting 2 very limited audience. Great reception! My brother Robert will admin public release. 1 clue, dedicated 2 Ronald Thompson — George Zimmerman (@TherealGeorgeZ) January 22, 2014 George Zimmerman, who recently sold a painting for $100,000 on EBay, has posted his second painting on Twitter through his brother. His subject: Angela Corey, the Florida prosecutor […]