Ok, These 15 Random Facts Sound Crazy, But Are Actually Very True.

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The world is a crazy place and, thanks to the Internet, we have access endless information about this crazy place. Is it too much information? I feel like I get my mind blown by something every single day. Here are some facts I learned just from today that you probably never thought about before. 1.) […]


I Definitely Never Thought I’d See These Animals Hanging Out Together.

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If cats and dogs can be buddies, no animal friendships should surprise us. Yet this one blew me away. Deer and chickens? It doesn’t seem wrong, but it certainly doesn’t seem like something that would ever happen. In the Scottish Highlands, anything is possible… when it comes to deer and chickens palling around, at least. […]


I’m Sure They’re Incredibly Annoyed But I Still Find This Ridiculously Cute. #3 Is Hilarious.

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We humans aren’t the only ones who occasionally have our bodies rattled by a surprise case of the hiccups. Our furry and adorable little friends get those involuntary spasmodic contractions just the same as we do, except when it happens to them, it’s a million times cuter. Here are 10 examples of cute kittens, puppies […]