Reince Priebus tells CNN boss Jeff Zucker, ‘We speak for ourselves, pal’

, , , , ,!/Reince/status/421791367493201920 “I think we all know what’s going on there [at Fox News],” CNN chief Jeff Zucker told the crowd Friday at the Television Critics Association press tour. “The Republican Party is being run out of News Corp. headquarters [and] masquerading as a channel.” RNC chairman Reince Priebus was quick to disagree, tweeting that the […]


Matt Yglesias says being assaulted by thugs proves ‘knockout game’ doesn’t exist

, , ,!/mattyglesias/status/405076033415958528 Ever since horrifying videos of vicious teenagers punching out random strangers emerged, liberals have come out of the woodwork to point a finger at shocked Americans and scream “racist!” while denying that the “knockout game” even exists.  In a mind-numbing example of extreme progressive mental gymnastics, liberal Slate writer Matt Yglesias admitted being beat up […]


Wendy Davis spins article poking holes in her bio as GOP ‘attack’

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Greg Abbott actually has nothing to do with your history of using men and then claiming you did it "alone," try again @WendyDavisTexas — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 20, 2014 Wayne Slater, a political writer for the Dallas Morning News, published a widely read article which outlines areas of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ personal […]


Seahawks’ Richard Sherman goes off during interview with Erin Andrews [Vine]

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In that 10 second interview, the world just met a completely insane Richard Sherman. — Matt Apuzzo (@mattapuzzo) January 20, 2014 During a post-game sideline interview with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went off on San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree while giving himself some high praise: EA: "I love my […]