Most People Don’t Understand These 20 Things, But Now You Will.

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Many people go through life confusing a lot of very similar words, phrases or thoughts. It’s more common than you think. (For example: Quite a few people would have mistakenly said, “It’s more common then you think.”) The most important thing is learning from your mistakes. Don’t feel embarrassed for making them. Here is some […]


You Won’t Believe Which Animals Medieval People Just Couldn’t Figure Out.

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Back in Medieval times, people didn’t have access to information and science like we do today. Be that as it may, it’s a little insane to see the mistakes and misconceptions that were so common back then. Sure, maybe they didn’t have Internet (in fact, they couldn’t have had many books, either). But it’s hard […]


Here are the Healthiest Candies You Can Eat This Halloween. It’s Not a Trick!

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Concerned parents everywhere are gearing up for the candy festival that is known as Halloween. Every year, parents have to be on high alert and worry about the health of the children that participate in the holiday. Candy has a bad reputation for being causing cavities, leading to obesity and making children hyperactive lunatics.  This […]


These Tiny Creatures Prove That Not ALL Bugs Are Creepy. Some Make Me Go AWW.

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When most people see a bug, their reaction is a combination of revulsion and aggression. However, not all bugs are gross enough to stomp. It’s true! There are some insects in the world whose cute factor make them surprisingly WAY less creepy than the rest of their unsettling insect amigos. Check out all these teeny-tiny, fuzzy-wuzzy creatures. […]