Fox Tossing Apparently Used To Be A Thing…And It Was Disturbingly Popular

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It’s no secret that the nobility of ancient Europe had some controversial ways of amusing themselves. Everything from throwing giant parties to torturing and killing peasants was fair game. While the latter of those two sounds pretty brutal, just wait until you hear about Fox Tossing. Fox Tossing was a game played throughout Europe in […]


Journalists in the Trump era certainly have had a tough time remembering the Obama era

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As Twitchy reported, some uncomfortable ripples spread quickly through the Capitol when NBC News’ Kasie Hunt tweeted that reportershad been told they werenot allow to film interviews with senators in hallways, despite having done so for years. CNN quickly put together a compilation of Senate Democrats (oh, and “a handful of Republicans”) who expressed outrage […]


19 Domesticated Foxes That Will Make You Want One ASAP

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When we think of domesticated animals, cats, dogs, birds, and even hamsters come to mind. But they’re not the only fluffy buds you can keep at home… Foxes are traditionally to be wild animals that hunt and gather for their survival, but domesticated foxes do exist. And they’re magical. While incredibly rare, there are a […]


Sen. Bob Dole salutes Sen. ‘Danny’ Inouye as he lies in state!/DaviSusan/status/281866693716877312 Sen. Bob Dole delivered a touching salute to his long-time colleague and fellow World War II veteran Sen. Daniel Inouye as he lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda. Bob Dole – joined by Elizabeth D, Reid and McConnell – just stepped to Inouye casket, paid his respects w a sharp left-handed salute — […]


You Know It’s Hot Out When Bears Start Doing This In People’s Backyards

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While much of the U.S. is facing the fact that warm temperatures are slowly fading, the southern part of the country still has a good deal of time before it starts to feel like fall. Whether you’re in South Carolina like me or Los Angeles like these bears, the heat index is real. While I […]