There he goes again! In Malaysia, Obama warns Asian leaders to avoid America’s ‘pitfalls’

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At a press conference at the G20 in Turkey, President Obama made it clear who is real enemies are after he called out some Republicans as “shameful” and “not American” for their position on the acceptance of Syrian refugees. Obama continued in that vein in Malaysia yesterday, warning an audience in that country to avoid […]


Donald Trump declares he’s better looking than Marco Rubio

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Was it sexist when presidential candidateDonald Trump rhetorically asked a Rolling Stone interviewer of Carly Fiorina,Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? It certainly seemed so, but Trump later “clarified” that he was speaking of Fiorina’s persona, not her looks. Today, Trump showed that he was just as willing to criticize a man’s […]


Proof That Working At Animal Hospitals, Shelters, And Rescues Is The Best Job

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I love my job. I mean, who wouldn’t? I get to write about puppies, kittens, inspiring stories, travel destinations…you name it! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have serious job-envy of others. No, I’m not talking about people who earn millions or travel the world for a living (though that is up there)…instead, I am […]


Left’s latest gotcha video: Romney thinks Palestinians want to destroy Israel!/MotherJones/status/248031261245964288 Obama supporters believe they have discovered the gift that keeps on giving in Mother Jones’ ever-so-devastating series of undercover videos recorded at a Mitt Romney fundraiser in May. This time, the villainous Romney twirls his little mustache and “reveals” his OMG SHOCKING views on Palestinians’ commitment to the peace process. More from Mother Jones: During the freewheeling conversation, […]


‘Delete your account’! Lefty mag beclowns itself over Chris Christie beach pics

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Get a dictionary. Try again. We'll wait. — Andrea Ruth (@AndreaNRuth) July 3, 2017 Well, Chris Christie’s back in the news. Not for anything good like meatloaf, but because he closed a public New Jersey beach and then went there for a private sunbathing sesh with his family: Chris Christie & guests enjoying NJ […]


11 Valentine’s Cards From The Animal Kingdom


We’re not the only romantic species. Warning: This post contains bad puns. 1. For somebirdy you love: View this image › Getty Images/iStockphoto Josh Anon Albatrosses are possibly the most romantic animal out there. They spend their first 5 years at sea, and then return to their birth place to find a mate. They might […]


NBC’s Chuck Todd: One must know where gun owners live!/chucktodd/status/292049796615770112 Oh look, another gun owners home on the Journal News map was robbed and their guns stolen. Good work @lohud — Brian (@BMIT24) January 18, 2013 We take it that Chuck Todd doesn’t subscribe to the Journal News, or he wouldn’t have to ask where gun owners live. Actually, he doesn’t even have […]


NBC quick to cover for Biden’s ‘Florida Plain Dealer’ gaffe!/PounderFile/status/263727444807266305 Well, lap dogs do have exceptional hearing that humans just do not possess. While word is getting out that Vice President Joe Biden, campaigning in Ocala, Fla., today, made yet another embarrassing gaffe — calling Cleveland, Ohio’s Plain Dealer one of the major papers “in this state” — NBC’s embed team has reached its verdict, and […]


Will the Dem candidates revise their ‘enemies’ lists at tonight’s debate?

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At a Democratic debate last month, the candidates were asked who they were proudest to have as an “enemy”: Maybe at tonight’s debate hosted by CBS News a moderator could ask if they care to revise their “enemies” lists (and you know they will). After the terrorist attacks in Paris, CBS News shifted the focus […]