Two Homeless Dogs Living In A Junkyard Get Rescued And Immediately Shown Love.

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Hope For Paws received a call about two homeless dogs living in a junkyard in a rough part of Los Angeles. When Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo arrived at the scene, they found the pair right away. However, the female was more fearful, so they needed to rescue her first. The tight space she crawled into […]


Losing Your Luggage Is Terrible, But Having This Guy Help You Would Just Rock.

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Dutch airliner KLM has a new Lost & Found team at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, dedicated to reuniting people with their lost items as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you lost a teddy bear, a laptop or your luggage. They will help you find your stuff! Locating the owners can sometimes be a challenge […]


When An Injured Homeless Dog Was Rescued, She Had A Surprise For Her Rescuers.

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Hope For Paws got a call about an injured dog living on the streets in a rough part of Los Angeles. The dog rarely came out of her hiding spot, except to look for food late at night, so it took Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarrelli a few nights of looking. They were told the dog […]