‘I’m sorry, we’re doing a science fair’: President snaps at reporter

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http://twitter.com/#!/markknoller/status/471323875826212865 Today is science fair day at the White House, and that’s all it is. Just ask this reporter, who dared ask about Syria. http://twitter.com/#!/guypbenson/status/471392544925167616 Let this one appear in the history books next to the president’s bold statement on Iraq: “We’re buying shrimp guys, come on.“ Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/05/27/im-sorry-were-doing-a-science-fair-president-snaps-at-reporter-over-policy-question/


Heckuva job, mob: Oakland waiter hit with hammer by Trayvon Martin vigilantes

http://twitter.com/#!/thomas_peele/status/357017848956207105 http://twitter.com/#!/HarryElephante/status/357028422339411968 Animals. As Twitchy reported late Monday night, anarchy reigned in Oakland. Trayvon Martin mobsters blocked the freeway, attacked the media again, and for kicks, bloodied the head of a waiter at the Flora Restaurant. http://twitter.com/#!/robertsalonga/status/357022383829295104 http://twitter.com/#!/GormoJourno/status/357021679056207872 Because that’s what Trayvon would have wanted, right? http://twitter.com/#!/katengh/status/357023249986621441 Fat chance. This eyewitness, Oakland developer Phil “Shotgun” […]


Watch How A Small Microchip Ended Up Changing This Dog’s Life

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One of the responsibilities of being a pet owner is making sure that all their medical records and registrations are up to date. This could be the difference between life and death if your pet were to get lost. For a small fee, you can microchip your pets so that rescuers and veterinarians can scan […]


Comedian Colin Quinn: ‘Why is everybody hating on drones?’

http://twitter.com/#!/iamcolinquinn/status/309788690530594816 Republican Sen. Rand Paul won plaudits from some unexpected quarters yesterday with his 13-hour filibuster over the administration’s drone policy. Van Jones, Code Pink and Hollywood dove John Cusack tweeted their support, but comedian and “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Colin Quinn thought he’d play the contrarian and tweet, #randpaulswrong. Actually, Quinn is wrong in saying that […]


UN monitors already observing Ohio elections to combat ‘voter suppression’

http://twitter.com/#!/jasonahart/status/261583658492755968 Since when does the UN’s job include supervising American elections? Since progressive groups decided that conservatives have made it their mission to cruelly prevent people from voting. As Twitchy reported last week, a UN-affiliated group is deploying “observers” from Europe to keep their eyes out for voter suppression. Some of those observers are already […]


Oops: Obama supporters wear ‘Foward’ T-shirts at Biden rally, tweet #Foward

http://twitter.com/#!/_fifield/status/260415324581662720 Oh, dear! Seriously, our aching sides can’t take much more. But, wait, there’s more! It wasn’t just one woman who was wearing a T-shirt reading “foward”; it was two! Actually, both the women standing behind Biden misspelled “Forward” on their shirts. twitter.com/BuzzFeedAndrew… — Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) October 22, 2012 Twitter users are doubled-over with […]