This Biologist’s Unique Photos Celebrate Mother Nature’s Playful Side

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When it comes to being a jack-of-all-trades, Phil Torres is an expert. With a LinkedIn profile that would make just about any reasonable human feel inadequate, this conservation biologist is also a TV host, a science reporter, a world traveller, and a talented photographer. Wildlife photos of any kind are pretty outstanding (especially when you […]


What This Young Girl Can Do With Just About Any Animal Is Nothing Short Of Amazing. WOW.

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Each of us have unique gifts, but the special talent 15 year-old Amelia Forman has is so incredible, it’s almost unbelievable. Since she was a toddler, she has had a very special connection with animals in the world around her. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, deer, kangaroos and monkeys have all been her close companions. The connections […]


You’re About To Get Jealous Of What This Dog Does Every Day

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You know what’s better than traveling? Nothing. Just kidding — dogs are way better, and that’s probably why this four-year-old golden retriever named Aspen is living the absolute dream. Along with his pals Hunter and Sarah Lawrence — a photographer and floral designer, respectively — Aspen hits the open road and sees some of the […]