These Adorable Orphaned Bears Are Really Enjoying Their Delicious, Appley Snacks

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Feast your eyes upon these baby bears…enjoying a feast. Shared by the Northern Lights Wildlife Society on Facebook, this video shows a group of black bear cubs relaxing and enjoying some tasty apples…and they aren’t the only relaxed ones. I never knew watching furry animals chomping down on treats could be so therapeutic. googletag.cmd.push(function() { […]


Having A Bad Day? Let These 23 Adorable, Food-Loving Animals Brighten Things Up

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It’s a commonly known fact that animals make even the most mundane activities more adorable. From the way they play to the way they sleep, they always manage to inject a healthy dose of preciousness into everything they do. If you could ask animals about their favorite pastimes, more than a few of them would […]


Adorable Baby Otters Make The Cutest Squeaking Noises While Eating Their Food

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I’m pretty sure there is nothing cuter in this world than baby otters, and these two little fluff balls going nom-nom-nuts over their breakfast absolutely prove that statement to be true. Posted by Spanish television host and animal lover Frank Cuesta, the tiny rescued pups in this video make the most adorable sounds while chowing […]