These Animal Skeletons Are Out Of The Closet And Running Amuck In Your Home.

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Marc Da Cunha Lopes is a French artist who loves biology and science fiction. In his series of photographs entitled, ‘Vertebrata’ the artist explores both in the coolest fashion. These skeletons, which appear to be creatures from some unexplored moon in the Guardians of The Galaxy universe, are actually just blown up skeletons of birds, monkeys, […]


This Artist Creates Gorgeous Sculptures That Blend Animals And Nature.

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These sculptures by Chinese artist Wang Ruilin would be impressive solely based on their near life-sized and incredibly detailed depictions of whales, deer, oxen and more, but he adds an extra dash of surrealism. Each animal features elements of nature blending into their bodies. Rocks, landforms and clouds emerge from their backs and antlers to create a […]