Fox Decides Man Out For A Walk Is His Best Friend…And Won’t Let Him Leave

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Attracting friendly woodland creatures is something we generally associate with Disney princesses. After all, it’s not like furry critters just show up in the street and curl up in people’s laps, right? In the case of one London man, that’s exactly what happened when he encountered a fox while out for a nighttime walk. As […]


Instead Of Making A Meal Of This Chipmunk, A Cat Decided To Befriend It Instead

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We hold certain truths to be self-evident. One of those truths is that cats really, really hate rodents. Or do they? When this girl’s cat was outside, it came across a critter that would normally fall into prey-animal territory. The creature in question? A little chipmunk. Normally, you’d think that such an encounter would end […]


Plenty Of Animals Form Unlikely Bonds, But This One’s Something Special

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As humans, we tend to think of ourselves as superior beings. Because we have logical and emotional faculties that are almost excessively powerful, we look at humankind as the quintessential image of sentience. In reality, we’re far from alone when it comes to emotional intelligence. If you’ve ever brought a pet into your family, you’ve […]


Seeing This Is All I Needed Today. What This Boy With Autism And His Dog Do Is Priceless.

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One reddit user recently shared these magical photos of his autistic son and the amazing bond he has with his service dog, Tucker. As a companion dog Tucker’s job is to provide a bridge for a child with autism to connect with the world. Autism service dogs provide a sense of security and they help […]