There’s A New Campaign To Feature A Woman On The $20 Bill

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“A woman’s place is on the money,” the nonprofit Women on $20s says. 1. A nonprofit is campaigning for Andrew Jackson to lose his spot on the $20 bill and be replaced with a less controversial female historical figure. View this image › Paul J. Richards / Getty Images 2. U.S. money highlights the achievements […]


Wait until critics of #OscarsSoWhite catch Sanders’ new ad

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Bernie Sanders has released a new feel-good campaign ad that makes the classic hand-in-hand Coca-Cola ads of the ’70s look downright cynical. Rather than buying the world a Coke (which should be free, by the way), Sanders employs “America” bySimon and Garfunkel to serve as the soundtrack to a countryof bucolic beauty, bustling small businesses, […]