‘Delete your account’! Lefty mag beclowns itself over Chris Christie beach pics

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Get a dictionary. Try again. We'll wait. https://t.co/wiCakIBjLE — Andrea Ruth (@AndreaNRuth) July 3, 2017 Well, Chris Christie’s back in the news. Not for anything good like meatloaf, but because he closed a public New Jersey beach and then went there for a private sunbathing sesh with his family: Chris Christie & guests enjoying NJ […]


Klein: Climate activists must ‘get comfortable attacking capitalism’

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@NaomiAKlein Hi Naomi hows the world tour coming on promoting climate change and anti capitalism must be very lucrative for you #airmiles — #jesuisclarkson (@dukesy12) October 9, 2014 Author and activist Naomi Klein is out selling her book attacking capitalism. This time she’s using “climate change” hysteria as a platform to promote her far left […]