‘What a pitiful sight’: ‘CNN nailed this chyron’ for Trump-Christie love-fest [screenshot]

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Today, New Jersey governor and possible hostage/blackmail victim Chris Christie is hosting a town hall event with Donald Trump. And CNN is on it: Did they ever. Worth noting: Because of course. No kidding. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/03/14/what-a-pitiful-sight-cnn-nailed-this-chyron-for-trump-christie-love-fest-screenshot/


WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo is trending after ‘mansplaining’ to Kellyanne Conway

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Chris Cuomo is trending nationally on Twitter this morning thanks to this epic battle with counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway. Watch: The case of the White House tested…for you to decide. @KellyannePolls on New Day this morning. https://t.co/3uakLlpbQZ — Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2017 What the heck did we just watch? Kellyanne […]


Leave Andrew alone! Protest outside the Kaczynski home is something everyone should resist

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As Twitchy reported, the #CNNBlackmail hashtag began to trend nationally after it looked likeCNNs Andrew Kaczynski had tracked down the creator of that Trump vs. CNN clip and promised him conditional anonymity CNN reserved the right to go public with his name “should he repeat this ugly social behavior.” CNN source on the "reserve the […]


JOURNALISM: Chris Cillizza asks everybody to ‘stop talking’ about this story fraught with Danger

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Yesterday Anthony Weiner turned himself in to the FBI and issued a guilty plea to a charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. Should that be the end of the media’s Weiner coverage? My plea to just stop talking about Anthony Weinerhttps://t.co/cFfZ4B9Ghu — Chris Cillizza (@CillizzaCNN) May 20, 2017 So, is it time to […]