If Bears Attacked 1 In 5 People, You Wouldn’t Look The Other Way

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Before finishing their college degree, approximately one in five women will be subject to some level of sexual assault. The volume of violence against young women seems impossible to ignore — and yet, more often than not, that’s exactly what happens. But…what if it was a bear? What if a giant, hungry, angry bear was […]


College Humor, White House team up to push disputed rape statistic

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If there are two things about which there is nothing funny at all, they areCollege Humor and sexual assault. And yet College Humor today served up a series of dead-serious tweets about rape, along with an allegedly humorous video starring Jake Johnson and a bear. Don’t bother rushing to YouTube to argue the premise of […]


What’s Inside This Building Will Make You Sick. And That’s Not Even The Most Shocking Part.

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In Skopje, Macedonia at Goce Delchev University, students are forced to live in conditions that would be unsuitable for even prison inmates. The buildings are covered in mold and filth. They are falling apart, but if the students want to receive an education they must go here. Goce Delchev University is even considered the second […]