Lions, Tigers, Bears…Oh Really! This Sanctuary Rescues Them All From Abuse

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With so many house pets entering animal rescues every year, it’s easy to forget about their wilder cousins. It’s not just cruel hunting practices that endanger our wildlife, though. People illegally take them in as pets, abuse them in circus acts, and trade them in the exotic animal market. In fact, this very live underground […]


‘How Democrats bought Colorado’: Michelle Malkin talks ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’

, , , , , , , , ,!/algoma1954/status/524743083959656449 Twitchy has reported on the legal setbacks to Citizens United, maker of the film “Rocky Mountain Heist,” which had delayed its release even as the November elections crept closer. The conservative group finally won a definitive victory last week in the name of free political speech, and now the behind-the-scenes story of the attempt […]