This Guy’s Elvis Conspiracy Theory Is So Insane, It Could Be True

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Is Elvis really dead? According to the widely accepted story, the singer’s unresponsive body was found on the bathroom floor of his Memphis, Tennessee, home on the afternoon of August 16, 1977. He was 58 years old. Officially, the cause of death was organ failure from years of poor diet and drug abuse. However, not […]


Home Security Cameras Caught A Mysterious Figure Stalking This Man

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There are few things that are as unsettling as discovering that someone has broken into your home. Over the past few weeks, Redditor FlexGunship has been battling what he first thought was a would-be intruder of the human or feline variety. However, as he set up security cameras in his home, he quickly discovered that […]


27 People Who Think The Blizzard Disproves Climate Change

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Only monkeys believe in climate change. #Blizzard 1. There’s a #blizzard hitting the northeast & lefties are screaming global warming/climate change….actually, it’s just called winter â„ï¸ðŸ’¨ — amr033 (@anne) 2. @MarketWatch 97% of climate scientists agree that there is no blizzard. #GlobalWarming #climatechange — muckdog (@muckdog) 3. That awkward moment when the biggest #BLIZZARD since […]