Britain’s Daniel Hannan: ‘How America’s leaders have shrunk’

, , ,!/DanHannanMEP/status/489839097360707584 For someone watching the United States from across the Atlantic, British politician and author Daniel Hannan has a unique perspective on American politics. Unfortunately, that perspective makes our current politicians look awfully small. For comparison’s sake, some tonight are posting video of President Ronald Reagan’s statement after the Soviets attacked a Korean airliner in […]


MEP Daniel Hannan wants British ISIS fighters stripped of citizenship

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I'm shocked by how many people respond to a Tweet about Britons fighting for ISIS with "Yeah, but what about Israel…?" — Daniel Hannan (@DanHannanMEP) August 20, 2014 Member of European Parliament from the U.K. Daniel Hannan floated an idea for how to deal with British citizens who leave to fight for the Islamic State. […]