Will the Dem candidates revise their ‘enemies’ lists at tonight’s debate?

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At a Democratic debate last month, the candidates were asked who they were proudest to have as an “enemy”: Maybe at tonight’s debate hosted by CBS News a moderator could ask if they care to revise their “enemies” lists (and you know they will). After the terrorist attacks in Paris, CBS News shifted the focus […]


Flip-flop alert! Hillary Clinton sure has ‘evolved’ on the issue of fracking

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At the #DemDebate last night, Hillary Clinton struck a tough tone on fracking: Hillary’s being called out on her fracking flip-flop by progressives and others: Hillary Clinton taking both sides? No way! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/03/07/flip-flop-alert-hillary-clinton-sure-has-evolved-on-the-issue-of-fracking/