She Heard Her Cat Meowing On The Balcony…Only To Find The Most Unusual Friend Sitting Next To Her

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Perched on a ledge in Dutch Harbor in Unalaska, a small island on the Aleutian chain in Alaska, Grizzle the cat was simply minding his own business. That’s when someone special decided to drop in for a little afternoon chat… And that someone was a bald eagle. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = […]


Watch As This Man Bravely Risks His Own Safety To Save These Bald Eagles

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Well, this man just became an American hero. That’s because while he was walking near a pond one day, he caught a glimpse of every American’s favorite bird. In fact, there were two of them! But as he was admiring the bald eagles, he realized that something wasn’t right. Instead of flying around and surveying […]


Obama admin. to permit wind farm eagle deaths; Citizens rip green hypocrisy

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White House: "Its Ok to kill eagles…to save the environment." @AP_Politics @Outhere — Lefty Bollocks (@LeftyBollocks) December 6, 2013 The Obama administration announced that for the next three decades the Department of the Interior will not prosecute operators of wind farms whose turbines kill eagles, supposedly in an attempt to avoid discouraging investment in that […]